The Journey: Soul Expression

My teachers say; “The healing is instantaneous, the understanding comes later.”

It is your journey, I can help you clear the way, but you must walk the path. To make the most of your session you will be asked to do some soul expression (aka: homework). This will assist in the integration of the energy shifts that occurred during your session.

Buddha left a road map,
Jesus left a road map,
Krisna left a road map.
But you still have to travel the road yourself.
___________Stephen Levine

Sand Painting:

Dancing Heart on SandThese are often used during and after a session to help the shift continue its momentum. Ideally they are made outside on the earth, however if that is not possible, use your imagination and find a space inside your home or on your deck. (The underlining of a flower pot filled w/soil or sand works well.) You can use objects found in nature or bring items to the sand painting that have special meaning regarding what you are working on. It is good to have some burnable items.

Open sacred space. Make a circle (Spirit ring) large enough to put objects in. Stones, twigs* or leaves* work well for this, follow your intuition. (*Honor all living objects, ask permission and give thanks to the spirit of the plant.) You will be placing objects into this ring based on the issues you are working on. Again follow your intuition. Visit the sand painting regularly. See what changes have occurred; make changes if you feel drawn to. The sand painting can stay active for about a week, but it may do its work in a shorter period of time. Trust yourself. You will sense when it is done working for you. When it is time to disassemble it, take out the burnable items for your sacred fire and return the rest to nature. When you leave it, there should be no evidence that a sand painting was there. Close sacred space.

Sacred Fire:

Fire is potent…a quick transformer and  transmitter of energy, prayers, and intention. When we place items in the fire during ceremony, we release it to Spirit. The new moon and the full moon are energetically special times for ceremony, but do not limit yourself to those times. If you feel a fire is needed, make one. There is a ritual for creating a sacred fire for a group, but you may be instructed to burn a death arrow or a spirit arrow on your own after a session. For this purpose you can simply open sacred space and create a small fire in your own yard or use a match stick or tooth pick and a shell or bowl and do it indoors. The sincerity of your prayers and intention is what will make it powerful. Blow into the twig or stick that which you want to release or that which you are praying for, then burn it. If you have offers from a sand painting, offer them at this time. Close sacred space.

Salt baths:

These help to continue the release of heavy energy from the luminous body. Use one cup of sea salt plus one cup of baking soda in a very hot bath. Soak for at least 20 minutes. Use this time to meditate and intentionally allow more release. Maybe light some candles and play relaxing music. Then rinse with fresh water. Make sure you are the only one in the bath and drain when finished. This is best done just before bed, low or no alcohol during this time.


After a soul retrieval, it is important to honor the return of the soul part, keep any agreements that have been made and discover how to use the gifts that have come to you. This is simply a special place in your home, like a section on a shelf, on which you place objects that have special meaning for you in relation to the soul part. Flowers are often placed here or other gifts. Other types of altars may be suggested depending on the work being done. These are not for worship, but for honoring. Let yourself be led and follow your inner guidance as to what should be placed there. Honoring is an important practice and essential for stepping into the healed state. Honoring does not mean accepting or agreeing with the wounding that occurred. It simply means acknowledging without judgment, allowing it to eventually find it’s neutral place, the place of no energetic charge.

Journal writing:

Very powerful. Use diary form, poetry, prose, pictures or symbols. I suggest and personally love a combination, whatever inspires. If you have difficulty getting started with this, some people find it useful to start their day with 10 minutes of stream of consciousness writing. Put pen to paper and write nonstop for 10 minutes. Do not sensor your writing and do not stop even if you repeat the same thing over and over. You can do the same type of thing with drawing without thought using colored pencils, markers and/or crayons. Let it rip!!

Dream diary:

Dreams are great teachers and informers. Train yourself to remember your dreams. Keep your dream diary by your bed with a light pen. As soon as you wake up write down whatever you can remember. Don’t move around a lot. Stay still and relax. Allow dream memory to bubble up. Just write them down, try not to analyze. As time goes on I can help you learn to seed your dreams.


It is wise to have a meditation practice. There are many forms. Find one that works well for you. has a breathing CD that is a great way to start the day!!

Sacred space:

Opening sacred space thins the veil between the worlds and brings you closer to Spirit. It can be done simply or elaborately, but our reverence and sincerity is what makes it actually happen. It can be done full throttle with rattle, spirit water and voice, turning to face each of the directions, etc. or silently wherever you happen to be. It depends on what is appropriate. See sacred space attachment for the words I learned from my teacher. As he told me, these words are only a guide, a starting place. Trust yourself. Speak from your heart and Spirit will come. Learning to pray is a powerful, life-transforming practice. Feel free to use the language that works with your personal spiritual practice. Make sure to call in only helpful energies, archetypes, etc.